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The Sixty Million Trebles project


I have just finished making a 36 inch square Granny Square blanket for the Sixty Million Trebles Project – whatever is that, I hear you ask?

The UN at the end of 2015 estimated that there are 60 Million refugees Worldwide. So the aim of the Sixty Million Treble group is to create a yarn blanket. containing 60 million trebles, one treble for every life.  This blanket will then be used to yarn bomb somewhere in London highlighting the cause.  After the event the squares will then be taken apart and half of the blankets will go to UK homeless charities and the rest sent to the charity Hand in Hand For Syria.

The project requires crocheted squares each measuring 36 inch square.  They can be any pattern and any yarn weight but they must come to that size.  All in all, they need 13, 050 36 inch squares.  My blanket had 41 rounds, which was 10.332 trebles in total!

If you would like to be part of this project you can join their Facebook group or come along to a special workshop on Thursday 27th April at the Nourish Wholefood Cafe in Letchworth between 10.30 and 12.30