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Feel Good about Your Yarn

I am passionate about wool and love the fact that mine is sourced in Wales from the fleece of sheep that roam free, farmed by members of my family who care for the welfare of the sheep. I have also visited the spinning mill in Yorkshire and watched my yarn being spun. I know therefore, that apart from the dye that is used in some of my yarns, my product is completely organic and is fairly produced.

However, I realise that wool is not a yarn that suits every application. Some people can’t wear wool because it tickles them and only a few types of wool are good for baby clothes with hardly any that can be machine washed safely. So, I have been looking for another type of yarn with the aim to fulfil everyone’s knitting and crocheting needs.

I don’t like man made yarn because it is manufactured using a combination of toxic substances. Acrylic fibres are not easily recycled and are not biodegradable.

Looking for a yarn that is soft enough for babies and people with sensitive skin, that is machine washable, and is organic and fairtrade, hasn’t been easy!

I considered cotton because I have always thought of it as a natural fibre, but then I found out that conventional cotton is literally destroying the environment and affecting the health and well-being of millions of workers throughout the world, with the use of pesticides. The economics of Central Asian cotton are simple and exploitative. Millions of the rural poor work growing and harvesting the cotton crop for little or no reward. The considerable profits go either to the state or small elites with powerful political ties. Forced and child labour and other abuses are common.

At last and after much research, I have found a wonderful cotton DK yarn, that is soft, versatile and organic, it’s called FAIR COTTON, and is produced fairly in Tanzania and India and made in Europe by Katia. It has really good yardage (155 metres / 170 yards) and I am selling a 50 gram ball for £4 in some really lovely colours. Check out Katia’s Fair Cotton on my website or come and see my yarns and kits at Yarndale this weekend and at Festiwool in November.

No Sew Baby Cardigan made with Fair Cotton Rose (15)