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Woolly Christmas Gift Ideas

Woolly Christmas Gift Ideas It popped up on Facebook the other day that there are only 40 knitting days to Christmas!  Eeek!  Now, I am not a speedy knitter, but I love giving handmade presents as opposed to shop bought ones.  So, if you are like me and as time[…]

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Bags of Inspiration

Here at Woolly Chic it has recently all been about the bags!  In the last few weeks, I have launched my new Mandala bag kit, hosted a brilliant Bag-Along event and finished my BetsyMakes Star Flower Bag.   In this blog post I thought I would share some of bag designs[…]

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New Year Resolutions


I very rarely make new year resolutions, but last year I set myself a challenge instead – I really wanted to learn to knit socks on 4 needles.  Although I find crochet easier and quicker, I love how knitted fabric looks and so when Isla of Brityarn launched a Sock[…]

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Thank you Knit British!

Knit British is a blog written by Louise Scollay and celebrates British yarn.  I am so excited to have been interviewed and featured on the blog today and Louise has reviewed some of the Woolly Chic Pembrokeshire wool.  She writes “The yarn has a lovely rustic handle and has an excellent[…]

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