All Woolly Chic wool is British. Most is sourced from our family's Dorset and Ryeland flocks in Pembrokeshire, Wales.  So, to meet some of our suppliers, please see the photos below or visit David Lewis's website

Information about Woolly Chic wool

Woolly Chic's Welsh Wool has been spun from the fleece of four different breeds of happy sheep farmed in Narberth, Pembrokeshire - Poll Dorset, Ryeland, Texel and Black Welsh Mountain.

My Cousin David Lewis manages the flock and he currently has 450 Poll Dorset, Ryeland and Texel Sheep.  The Black Welsh Mountain fleece came from a neighbouring farm.

Wool from Poll Dorset sheep is highly regarded for its exceptionally high quality, purity of white colour and its density of growth.  Although to touch it is not as soft as a breed like Bluefaced Leicester, I have found it softens once knitted and because of its density it is a very durable wool.

A placid, docile sheep, the Ryelands not only look very cute, but their fleece is sought out by hand-spinners and weavers for its texture and quality.  Like the fleece from Poll Dorset sheep, Ryeland fleece is hard-wearing and does not pill once knitted.  

A small percentage of Woolly Chic wool would have been from the Texel sheep, which have a dense fleece of medium quality and is slightly coarser than the other breeds.  

All in all, this combination of sheep breeds has made my wool strong, springy and softens when knitted and blocked.  It is ideal for bags, socks, and home accessories like tea cosies and cushions.