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Although no one actually knows how old knitting really is, with its origins thought to date back to the time before the Spanish Crusades, one thing is for sure; knitting has become a modern phenomenon and is taking social media by storm. Increasingly more people want to learn to knit and the UK Hand Knitting Association estimates that there are 7.5 million knitters and crocheters in the UK.

Woolly Chic’s knitting patterns are quick and easy and are especially ideal for beginners. Our kits are great gifts for knitters and perfect as portable projects to take with you on holiday.

Did you know…

1. The first knitting pattern book was written in the 17th Century by Johann Siebmacher and contained 125 pages of needlework and colourwork charts.

2. The current world’s fastest knitter is Hazel Tindall from Scotland, who knitted 262 stitches in three minutes.

3. Knitting has many health benefits, including as you relax into your knitting, your heart rate and blood pressure lowers, meaning your body can fight illness better!







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